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J. M. Chawla, DDS, MS

J. M. Chawla, DDS, MS


Dr. Chawla attended King George Medical and Dental College, Lucknow, where he earned his DDS and MS in Orthodontics. He has a Certificate of Speciality in Orthodontics from Loyola University and earned his DDPH from the University of Toronto College of Dentistry. He is currently affiliated with the Midwestern Society of Orthodontists, the Illinois Society of Orthodontists, the World Federation of Orthodontists and is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Dr. Chawla was formerly a Clinical Instructor, Teacher, and Professor of Orthodontics at King George Medical and Dental School, Lucknow; College of Dentistry, University of Oklahoma; School of Dentistry, Loyola University Chicago; and School of Dentistry, University of Illinois, Chicago. He is a licensed specialist in Child and Adult Orthodontics, T.M.J. and Orofacial Pain, and a Certified Invisalign® Orthodontist. Their daughter, Shalini, is an M.D. and Psychiatrist, and their son, Sumit, is a following his Dad’s footsteps.

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